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(Archived) Chrome Clipper to Desktop App



I was a Safari and EN user up until a few days ago when I switched to Chrome for a few reasons unrelated to EN.

I tried using the Chrome extension clipper (not the Task Bar EN clipper) for a web page. When I went into the note in my desktop app, none of the links went to the right place, instead they went to the MAIN home page of that site. I thought it had something to do with the HTML, so I opened Safari and tried the site with the Safari (5.0.5) clipper to the Desktop app.

That note copied the same way only the LINKS ALL WORKED.

I would much rather clip to the desktop app so my questions are thus:

1. Does EN plan to make a clipper like the Safari one for Chrome that will clip directly to the Desktop app?

2. Is there a way to use the web clipper in Chrome to "Correctly" clip multiple links on a webpage?


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