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I know that the latest Evernote for iPhone (4.1.0) added rich text -- which I'm sure a lot of people like, but I do NOT want. My notes are just simple, plain text lists that I want to all look the same and be consistent in spacing and style. Now that my Mac is also updated to the current version of Evernote (3.0.1), I'm seeing randomized spacing and font sizes, even if I select all the text and format it to be the same (I'm using Andale Mono 13-point). For example, here's how a shopping list note looks on both my Mac (OS X 10.7.1) and the iPhone (iOS 4.3.5):


Despite the fact I've set all the type to the same font and size, I'm seeing variable leading on both the Mac and the iPhone. Sometimes if I click at the beginning of a line and hit delete to take that text back up to the end of the previous line and then hit return again, the excess spacing disappears. Other times it does not.

Although I'm sure those people who want rich text very much appreciate your work to add this feature, perhaps in a later version you can add an "always treat all notes as plain text" checkbox preference somewhere. I'd be happy even if the font menu was entirely gone. In lieu of that, perhaps this spacing and inconsistent size problem is a bug that could be fixed. I may also be mis-remembering this, but I would swear under the old version of Evernote for iPhone my text was all sans serif. Regardless of the font I've chosen for the note using the Mac version, the text on my iPhone always looks serif style now. I love the font used for the notebook list and 3-line note preview, but as soon as I step into a note itself, I'm seeing an anemic serif font that's harder to read. Maybe there could be a universal preference you could set somewhere to force display of all notes into a particular font and size. Food for thought.

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I agrees as well, the desktop and iOS devices do not handle text and text formatting the same. What ever I create on the Desktop, that is then edited on the iOS device and synced back to the desktop is reformatted.

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I cannot believe that the default behavior on a mobile device is to pre-format unformatted text with double spacing, etc. This is wrong on so many levels. Any way we can opt to remove it?

Making Microsoft Word your default editing and browsing experience on a mobile device is a bad idea.

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