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(Archived) Drag image file into EN to create a new note?



One of the most useful features was when I could drag an image file on top of Evernote's window to create a new note. That doesn't seem to work in fullscreen on Lion. I can drag the image onto Evernote but it doesn't do anything.

Can we get this back, please? This is a major hindrance to my workflow. I scan in 60+ student artifacts then drag them in to create new notes then get down to the business of organizing/tagging them.


EDIT: update: so it works with the notebooks sidebar open, but I was hoping it would work to just drag it onto the "notes window." Good to know the functionality isn't all the way gone.

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There seems to be a whole bunch of mysterious behaviour behind what goes on when an app runs in full screen - not just Evernote. Apple Mail behaves very strangely sometimes, so weird that I've given up on it.

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If you are running full screen, the only way I can see that you can do it is if you are viewing a different desktop/space (or whatever they are called now) and you drag images to the Evernote icon in the dock. This will create a new note.

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