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I have wasted a ton of time with logging in and filed a support ticket. I love Evernote and have been a premium subscriber for 16 months. I trust Evernote and use it and love it.

re: Skitch - It just doesn't work at the moment at all. It really needs a fix, if it is to carry the Evernote brand name

the log in is a mess (in the mac app) - in fact, the app looks amazing - but in many ways a lot of the usability needs redoing. It is just messy and wrong! you really need to rethink Skitch. it could be brilliant (and much of it already is) but the bad bits are really bad and need be redone.

I have decided to hold off using this - but am totally confident that it will be improved in future versions. I look forward to the time when you guys make it work. (I do also use Little Snapper - that works but doesn't sync well meaning manually putting library on more than one mac)

PS - money isn't a massive issue. I don't expect an ace service for free (I pay premium Evernote, and am happy to)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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