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(Archived) Emailing to Evernote Tip

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Apologies if this obvious or been suggested here before, but I just thought of it and want to share it.

Here's any easy way to email stuff to evernote without having to remember your evernote email address, using GMAIL.

This is particularly useful if you're emailing articles or references from databases or other website, rather than using your own email address book

First, as many GMAIL users will know you can insert extra characters and words to your GMAIL address to get more use out of it. See here for more details.

So, all you have to do is use the + function with your gmail address and then create a filter to automatically forward to your evernote email.

For example, use yourgmailusername+evernote@gmail.com for emailing stuff to evernote.

Just make sure the reference after + is easy to remember. One could use +en for example, to make it even easier.

Then set a filter to automatically forward messages sent to yourgmailusername+evernote@gmail.com to your evernote email.

Again, this is particularly useful when you email pages through websites, rather than you're own email service, to which, presumably, you've already added your evernote email.

It works a treat.



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Nice tip! That's dramatically easier than remembering my official Evernote e-mail address when I'm at some oddball computer and want to send something on :)

I took this one step further and added an e-mail alias for evernote@mydomain.com with my web hosting provider to send things straight on to my notebooks with a minimum of fuss.

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