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(Archived) What's The Purpose of 3rd Party OCR?



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Actually if you're a Premium user and you upload a non-OCR'd PDF document, you can check back later and right-click it to save/ download a text version. There are a couple of limits on Evernote OCRring (currently 25MB file size and/or 100+ pages) and of course you can't OCR a document you password-protect for any reason. However if you save a reasonable description of your document in the same note you can find it easily enough, and if you've OCR'd it into a "searchable PDF file" (at least that's what Adobe calls it) you can search within the document to find your specific data. And if you have a technical document containing lots of geek-speak you'll likely want to OCR and verify the text yourself rather than leave it to the Evernote dictionary to mangle a translation. (No disrespect intended to the EN OCR process, but it's presumably meant to deal with standard wordage rather than techno-babble.)

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