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(Archived) Feature request: Automatic Linking

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Searched the forum but didn't spot this request: before switching to Evernote I used Voodoo Pad lite as a wiki-like notebook- since evernote added linking to notes I was sold, but it's still missing one killer feature for me that Voodoo has - automatic linking to notes- ie, whenever you type the name of a note in Evernote, it would automatically link to that note...some people might not want this so it might be best to be able to set it on or off...but this would make Evernote so much easier to use as opposed to copying the link and pasting it every place I need it.

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One problem with this is that note names are not required to be unique. Maybe some sort of system where you make a selection, and a dialog comes up with possible matches that you can choose from to make a link?

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I'd like to second that request. I really like the note linking feature and find it really cumbersome to use when comparing it with other systems. I see that the non-uniqueness of note names gives a nice degree of freedom, which, though not strictly necessary, I can imagine people might miss. However the idea of Jeff with some sort of dialog where you can choose the note you want to link to would be great.

The process could be something like this:

1. Highlight text you want to use as link

2. Press button or keyboard shortcut for "Add Link"

3. Reuse the evernote search but "in place":

3.1. A search field opens with pretty much the same functionality as the default evernote search

3.2. Below the search field a list is opened which is similar to the excerpt view (or whatever its called, only have the german version atm)

4. Enter search phrases

4.1. Just like now the result list will be filtered automatically

5. Click on the list entry you want to use or use the appropriate keyboard shortcut (you could use "alfred" like shortcuts for the list items, if you don't know alfred its a mac app with which you can search for anything - apps, web pages, documents and so on. I personally use it mainly as a quick app starter. Alfred displays search results in a list you can either click on, navigate to with error keys or press apple+1 to apple+0 as a dynamic shortcut. one thing evernote could also learn from alfred is that alfred remembers for every search what your chosen result was, and on your next search that result will move up the list faster so for things you often need you will end up needing only one or two letters to have them at the top of the list. And of course the topmost list item is automatically chosen when pressing enter, saving you one selection click or keypress.)

This "in place" process would eliminate the current extra steps of needing to right-click -> create link -> paste link, and in my eyes would really speed up linking. And since most functionality is already there, it doesn't seem like it would be very hard/costly to implement.

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Just an observational point, before a note link can be created, you have to sync.

This is so that a unique note id can be made (which is used in the link)

This will affect your proposed idea of automatic note linking.

Attempt to link notes could require a sync, slowing the whole process down.

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