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(Archived) Need: Ink drawing like "Bamboo Paper" w/ OCR


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  • 10:45am. On the phone, need to take down a number down quickly. I have a meeting in five min. Fast!
    Give me something to write on! I NEED something to write on....

What do you do?

  • Write
    find a pen or pencil
    find an Envelope
    find a Sticky note
    on the computer
    on a document (Uh!! have to wait for MS word to load!)
    open a note in notepad or text editor
    temporarily in a browser address bar (Remember to copy number before losing it!)


Click an icon or widget and start writing/drawing with my finger right now!

- Quick note taking like Wacom Bamboo iPad app

- Evernote's OCR will analyze my writing and make it searchable

- I can search by date.

- I'll know when that person called me.

- I can search by any character or word I draw next to my information

- I keep my info forEver

- I don't have to search my desk and loose papers for that number anymore

  • You can do this Evernote!

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I have to agree this would be ideal. Especially with more tablets coming out with digitizers, Ink Notes would really be most useful - I've never used them up until now (PC and android phone and iPod touch), but I'm getting a tablet in the next month or so and this would probably be one of my most often used perks! Not just for phone messages, but all kinds of notes.

+1 for presentation, too, felix2cat. :)

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