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How do you get rid of a stack???



I accidentally created a stack by moving one notebook onto another. Now, I can't seem to get rid of the stack or get the notebook out of the stack. I did some quick searching and it seemed that people were suggesting that you can get rid of a stack by dragging the notebook out of the stack. But it won't let me drag the notebook out--whenever I drag the notebook,it only gives me the option of dragging it onto another notebook (thereby creating another stack.) If I drag it anywhere else, it just goes back to its place. (Incidentally, this whole problem began when I was trying to move notebooks into a different order--something else evernote does not seem to allow me to do--and instead it created a stack.) Any thoughts would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Another issue I forgot to add: how do I delete a notebook? I moved all of the notes out of a particular notebook that I don't need anymore, but there does not seem to be any option for deleting the notebook itself.

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In the Windows client, you drag a notebook out of its stack onto the top of the tree: it has an icon that looks like the one used for stacks, and is labeled 'Notebooks'.

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To delete a notebook, again in the Windows client, you right-click on it, and select 'Delete...'.

Apropos your earlier question, the right-click menu also contains a 'Remove from stack' item.

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SOLUTION: iPhone client..... 

1. Choose "Notebooks"

2. Click "Edit" button

3. Click on stack to expand

4. Press the "i" in the circle icon to the right of the note you wish to remove

5. Press "remove from stack"



Drag and drop not working on Mac client (v5.6)

Web client doesn't appear to have any way to move in or out of stacks.

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