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(Archived) Handy tip for those that use Sonos and Evernote

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Hi All,

I have a Sonos system at home, it is amazing (like Evernote), I always hear tracks that I like, and think I should remember that track or something (I have a big big library of tunes).

So using sonos you can Tweet what you are listening too. If press the 'Autofill' button the music you are listening too is auto populated, and you just type @myen on the end. Hey presto you have a track that you love to remember automatically sent to your evernote account!

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That is nothing short of ingenious. I listen to people playlists on the Spotify app a lot. I hear things I like a lot but I just end up forgetting it in the end unless I'd star it or something, but that would clutter up my pretty selective starred list. I just hope the Spotify app on Sonos has a twitter share thing on it, I think it does.

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