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(Archived) Android Tablet app - list of notes?


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I just got an Android tablet and installed the tablet version of EN. When I open the app, my notes are displayed in the right panel as snippets in a grid that looks like a calendar. In fact it has the month name in the upper left square of the grid. There are some icons in the left panel that, when selected, present info in various ways. For example the last icon is Tags and it will list tags in the left panel and the note list for any given tag in the right panel, but the note list is still presented as a grid. I have tried all the icons on the screen to try to get it to list the notes in a different way (For example, a vertical list of snippets like the desktop app can show in the center panel in "snippet view".) There is an EN menu item in the tablet's bottom control bar (a stack of several horizontal lines next to the normal three items shown on Honeycomb tablets -- Back, Home, Recent apps). I did a forum search and there was one reference to using this menu to control the view, but that menu does not contain any options for how the notes should be displayed.

Is there a way to get the Android tablet app to show the list of notes some other way than the calendar-type grid?

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