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(Archived) Editing word docs on android


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I have been having trouble with edited word docs on android saving on evernote. I understand that you can edit word docs on the pc and it will reflect in evernote. When I do this on the android and save and sync it doesn't reflect in the word doc. It there something amiss?

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Yes, I have the issue, and it's a big problem for me. I've got this nice happy EN system setup now for taking field notes (pics, voice, scribbles,etc.), purchased Docs To Go so I'd have no Word editing issues, and now when I try to update the data in a .doc file it apparently only updates "attachment.doc". It works fine from my desk. I just realized that my phone entered data wasn't actually modifying the files today. Now it's apparent that I've failed to capture several days worth of field updates as EN quietly updated some other file -- not sure what purpose is served by updating "attachment.doc".

I was also surprise that EN apparently can't search within an MS file. It seems strange that they would go through the processing power/time to process text in images but not search MS files. The text must just be sitting there -- no analysis would really need to be performed. Fine, require me to purchase Docs To Go or some other external solution, but at least open the door so I CAN modify my data mobily (is that a word?).

I understand that generating a pdf solve the search issue, but if you're constantly updating the data, that is a crazy (as in drive-one-crazy) solution! Any other workarounds besides this and converting all of my .docs to plain notes?

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