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(Archived) 2 accounts, 2 programs on mac




I couldn't figure it out and i couldn't find any documentation on this.

I have 2 evernote accounts. One personal and one for my work.

Now i want to use the evernote client on the mac for both account, at the same time.

How can i do this?

I know how to start a new evernote instance through the commandline with -n but then it uses the same account info as the other evernote.

I want 2 programs with each it's own account. How can i hack this?

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You cannot use the desktop client for two accounts at the same time. You can use the desktop client for one account and the web client for a second account.

IIRC, some people have successfully used a hack called account switcher (or similar) to switch between two accounts on a Mac. Please search the Mac section on the word switcher for more info.

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