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(Archived) Evernote Fail and Passes

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Well I have been on and off a member of Evernote for quite a while but I must say at the moment I am quite frustrated with the tool.


Me and my wife both have tablets (my wife iPad, me Android). We are planning a long holiday and would like to organise our notes. Evernote exists on Android, PC and iPad platform so it passed here

So I create a Notebook titled 'Really long holiday 2011' - OK

Next I create a hierarchy of tags

Holiday 2011


+ +Correspondence


+ +Day

+ +Multi Day


+Travel Details

This is OK. Then I start to populate them, strange I thought adding an item to Correspondence does not show up under Hotel. Also the counts on each tag are just confusing and pointless. Well reading the forums I am not the only one unhappy with this. For me Tags as in my list have a context i.e. the tag Day does not mean anything on its own but if we view it in 'context' with the hierarchy structure Holiday 2011:Trips:Day then it has a meaning. I have chosen to do this by placing the tags in a hierarchy structure. People seem to get round this by naming their Tags "Holiday 2011:Trips:Day". FAIL

So, I shrug my shoulders and try to share the notebook with my wife. Not too hard I thought... really do I need to navigate through the forums to find out you can not do this, why not warn us when we try to share that 'Sharing is not enabled in iPad,or the Web version, in fact sharing is only available on the desktop client' - FAIL

So, I say well we can at least use our PC to share the NoteBook and then when the iPad is available we are ready. So I enable sharing on the desktop and we look at the shared notebook together.. what the .. all the tag hierarchy are lost on shared notebooks (just a flat list of tags).... FAIL

I mean how could something so simple be so hard to accomplish.

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I mean how could something so simple be so hard to accomplish.

Simple? I've read your post a few times and I am still scratching my head trying to figure out what you want to accomplish.

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I mean how could something so simple be so hard to accomplish.

It's not. I'd create a notebook "Holiday 2011" and create tags like "trips - day", "trips - multi-day", etc. If that's unclear on the iDevices, then you could use tags like "holiday 2011 - trips - day", etc.

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