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(Archived) Feature Request - auto list creation

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Evernote is great in many ways. However, I miss a couple of very, very useful features that make note taking much easier for those of us with some level of compulsiveness:

* automatically create bulleted lists based on characters typed at start of line

* automatically create numbered lists based on digits typed at start of line

These are a couple of nice features of OneNote that would be great to add to Evernote. Since tabbing already indents lists that *have* been created, clearly the thinking is already there. Don't need *all* the fancy OneNote features (* becomes bullet, - becomes dash, etc.), but at least a clearly defined way to start a list without having to go to a menu (or even type a command key equivalent) would be nice. I'd argue that you wouldn't in the vast majority of cases start a line with * or - or 1. without wanting to create a list.

Other folks have talked about table auto-creation with tabs - I agree, but it's a little less important to me personally.

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