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(Archived) Where are notes kept on local PC?



Long story for a short question - I am trying to find a note I created that isn't showing up in Evernote.

I installed Evernote on this mac some time ago. Yesterday, I created the first note on this mac while I was not connected to a network. When I started Evernote today, I got a synch error. Then I got a notice that an update is available. So, I proceeded to update. After updating and after restarting post system update, evernote was gone, nothing appeared in search/finder or apps folder. I went to the website and downloaded a dmg from there. Mounting that, I got a message that the dmg is not recognized. (I tried from the app store, but that's a whole other set of issues). So, some hours later, I downloaded a dmg from a link on this board. Same dmg name, but at least it mounted. When I copied evernote to apps folder, it asked if I wanted to overwrite a new version. Yes, b/c that version is not working. So, no synch error with this new/old version, but the one note I have created is missing. Could it be somewhere I might be able to recover it?


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Evernote data is in user/library/application support/evernote. If you are running Snow Leopard then this is easy to find, if you are running Lion then Apple have decided to hide the library folder and so there are a couple more steps. Google is your friend for this.

You could also contact support.

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