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(Archived) web clipper on the iPhone doesn't work

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I can't get the web clipper on the iphone to operate. I'm navigating to the evernote page and dragging the bookmarklet onto my bookmark bar. The web clipper functions just fine from Safari on the PC. I then sync my iPhone. The "clip to Evernote" bookmarklet appears on my iphone but doesn't work.

When I view the javascript on the iPhone, it does appear different than in Safari on the PC. All of the { and } have been replaced by %7B and %7D. The syncing seems to modify these characters because they aren't part of the allowed character set on the iPhone for url's. It won't even allow me to add the curly brackets back in as the keyboard doesn't have those characters when editing that field. Those characters are available in the description field.

I do have other bookmarklets working fine on my iPhone: changing font size, supergenpass, itransmogrify, scroll bottom.

Any hints?

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