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(Archived) Using Evernote Mac & Iphone Strictly Offline (syncing too)

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hey Evernote Team,

First off - thanks for the great product! I really dig all of the features you've made available.

You've allowed me to put all my stuff in one spot - from blog posts to notes to random thoughts etc. I was looking for a way to do some sort of blogging but not on the internet due to privacy etc.


Anyways, I have Evernote set up now so that my password isn't loaded up so it won't sync my notes with my online account - I'd like everything to remain on my computer only.

Question: Is there a way to sync things I do on my iPhone (evernote app or whatever) locally, kind of like plugging the iPhone into iTunes and syncing? I have some more confidential notes that I'd rather not have floating around in the cloud but I'd like to be able to sync things from my iPhone still.

Thanks a ton from a happy user


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Can't see how you would do that.

It's easy on the desktop to just copy the database folder on a USB, but for iPhone client there is no straightforward way. I guess the currently only available method is to keep your notes offline on the iPhone, and when you plug it into your machine it will automatically sync your photos, recordings and the like, and then you have to manually reorganize that and the text notes from the Evernote App to your desktop client.

I think Evernote would offer an export option for notes on the mobile platforms, like those on the desktop clients, but it appears to be impossible on the iPhone today since you can't just have proprietary files sitting on the iPhone that then will be transferred through the sync cable. You can send notes from the iPhone via Email but I guess that you don't want your data to touch the internet altogether.

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What about just exporting your evernote as an archive and then importing it on the iPhone (if that is possible - I haven't gotten the iPhone part running yet).


That's not possible, the only way to get notes onto your iPhone is to sync.

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Great, thanks for the heads up guys! Saves me from continuing to search for some sort of hack heh. Im sure it'll be available some day. Until then I can just copy my iPhone notes over.

It's doubtful there will ever be a way to sync from desktop to any other device without going through the EN cloud.

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Ahh I see, I see.

Unfortunately I'd prefer a handful of my notes to remain private, not floating in the cloud. Maybe in the future Evernote could provide a way to host a private 'hub' on your own server or just allow for Itunes like syncing - I'd be more than willing to pay for that!

I understand that various processes require sending the data to Evernote but it's just another feature request amongst all the others ;-)

Once again, great product & thanks for the quick responses guys



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