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(Archived) How Do I Share Notebook Between Mobile Devices


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I can't find the instructions on how to share a notebook between mobile devices.

I have an Acer A500 android tablet and my wife has an Android handset.

I've created a notebook that I want to share with her (ie she sees it in her Shared Notebook menu).

I can only find instructions on sharing a notebook rom within a desktop version of Ever note.

All I see on the tablet is sharing via email, Facebook etc but not to another Evernote user.

Thanks in advance.

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Just had a look at my Android phone - no sign of the ability to share notebooks there either, whether from a notes screen, or from viewing existing notebooks or creating a new one. Looks like this administration is something possible only from a desktop client (as yet). I checked out the web version as well, and it looks like you need a PC with the desktop client installed to be able to share a notebook.

Unless I'm missing something basic I think this would be a suggestion for the road map...

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