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(Archived) Evernote on Wildfire S


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If you can download the Android app from the Android market you will have access to the service. Just ask your supplier (or anyone else with a Wildfire S) whether it's possibe to download apps in general. If so you should be OK. (I do know that some phones are limited in what apps they can install, but they simply can't download anything from the Market.)

The Wildfire does have a small and relatively low-res screen so the visibility of your data may not be great - depends on your eyesight and what you intend to use Evernote for. That isn't necessarily a problem however - I have a fast 'droid with a large hi-res screen, but I spend more time using the camera (dialled down to low-res for smaller image sizes) and recording data than I do viewing and manipulating it. It's a matter for budgets, personal choice and the application you have in mind.

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thanks for your reply.

unfortunately, I do neither own the phone yet nor I know someone who does, so unfortunately no way to try it out.

Maybe there is someone here who knows about this hard and software combination?

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