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(Archived) accessing EN3 on BlackBerry/iPhone (via IMAP)

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Is something wrong with the IMAP servers? I am unable to set up Evernote via IMAP on my work BlackBerry.

I've tried three approaches:

(1) RIM's consumer email setup wizard (aka "BlackBerry Internet Service")

(2) Third-party IMAP app for BlackBerry - LogicMail (http://www.logicprobe.org/proj/logicmail) - it works well with my gmail account

(3) Outlook 2003 - purely as a test - no luck either

Background, and a suggestion...

EN3 is my central repository for work-related notes (research, thoughts, conversation summaries, etc.). I recently signed up for the Premium service. I can see Evernote being of tremendous value overtime.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful to have my notes at my fingertips on a BlackBerry or iPhone. For example: I often need to quickly find something during a meeting. I would like to be able to quickly search for a keyword (the way I would search my emails on BlackBerry), or view notes by tag/notebook. Turning on a Laptop or waiting to log into the mobile site is just not the same.

An ideal solution would could be something like the "Notes" application on iPhone or BlackBerry. On the BlackBerry It's pretty bare, yet elegant and useful. However it only syncs to Exchange -- a terrible place to store notes. I would love to see EverNote be able to sync with Notes one day. Or to have a similar standalone app.

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Our current IMAP implementation is "Alpha" because it really doesn't scale to support our community needs.

We're actively rewriting our IMAP/POP implementation, and plan to roll out the new system soon (this month, I hope). At that point, we think that it will be perfect for what you are trying to do. It will allow you to read your notes, on a smart phone, even while you are offline.


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