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(Archived) Windows Mobile 6.5 download site?

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Until I'm allowed a phone upgrade (hoping to go Android soon) I have WIndows Mobile 6.5 Pro.

The main Evernote website has a download for Windows 7. Does this work on 6.5 Pro?

Googling evernote windows mobile 6.5 took me to http://evernote.en.softonic.com/pocketpc. Is this a genuine evernote website? I wasn't sure if it's genuine or somewhere that might be pretending to be you.

And will that version work on my phone and sync with EN on the web and EN on my Windows XP desktop?

Thank you.

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Wow that was fast! Thank you.

Am I likely to run into problems(eg synch or tags & nesting) using the old WM6.5 version for a short while till can upgrade my phone to Android?

Alternatively, is the Windows Mobile 7 version on the main EN website likely to work on my WM6.5 Pro?

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Softonic is a valid mirror for Evernote downloads.

The Windows Mobile version has been discontinued, but I believe they store a copy there for download.

Hi, I got Softonic Download on my wimo 6.1 pocketpc and at login it just always gives me Error 0x00100006:

"Error occured while interacting with Evernote Service: The certificate authority is invalid or incorrect Error: 0x00100006"

I have no idea about it, not all to sure what it means, and have no idea what I can do about it.

How can I get it running.

I know, I know, it's nice on my iphone, but I don't wanna let myself be told how to enter text

by a dead guy who was never charitable by principle, dodged responsibility for a daughter of his,

cheated his best friend out of money and future income and so on, called steve.

So am I still able to login via wimo, and why can't I do it as is?

What is the matter, and what can I do about it?

because the Password it ish't.

Otherwise how would I be logged in here now with the same account?

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