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(Archived) Search in a PDF of a photo?

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Now that I've taken the Evernote plunge, I'm looking for appropriate uses of the tool. One was to organize receipts from business trips. I used another tool to "scan" my receipts with my phone and put them in PDF format. I did it a couple of days ago, so I would expect the OCR has had time to analyze the various receipt. So far the Search function does not recognize any of them. It worked great when I played with it -- photographing a magazine and then searching. That showed up in minutes. The PDF doesn't seem to be getting search hits. It's very readable, but it is a PDF of a picture, and it's sideways. I should not think that either situation would make a difference.


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You don't mention whether you're a Prem user, but if not OCR is a lower priority for non-prem users so you might get lucky yet.. if you have any PDF editing software you could rotate the picture to make life easier. On the other hand PDFing a picture may have complicated matters - why not just use the inbuilt facility to import a picture into a note? That might OCR more easily/ quickly. You can always add extra comments to the note itself. And you can edit / rotate the picture if necessary.

If you're using the extra security of PDF files to lock the picture away behind a password, you will still have the Note-based option to encrypt any additional text..

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I had taken the picture of a receipt with a tool called [url-https://market.android.com/details?id=com.intsig.camscanner&hl=en]CamScanner which converts the picture directly to PDF and then apparently discards the original picture. This is not a deal-breaker by any stretch, but it does add something to be aware of, especially when using the "any way is up" tablet.

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