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(Archived) Rename and move attachments in Evernote

Finn Sparsoe



I use Noteshelf to upload lessonplans to Evernote and I have some questions regarding the procedure:

1. The file/attachment I upload gets an automatic name like "8db2baaf14c84a43d25f1eb91ed5a3d4". I want to change the name to smith. else - for instance a date - from within Evernote. Can I do this? (I know that I can export the file, rename it and import again to Evernote - but that is not really what I want to do)

2. I want several lessonplans/attachments to end up in the same note. When I upload from Noteshelf a new note with the attachment is created and saved in my default folder. I want to be able to drag this attachment into the note "Lessonplan". But this doesn't seem to be be possible?

Essentially what I'm looking for is the ability to do these task from within Evernote: Rename and move attachments.

Thank you.

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