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(Archived) How to save "just" 10MB of text into a note?

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i'd like to store some textfiles which are too big for a single EN-note.

The Textfile itself is "only" 10MB (more or less, just an example. Here is an image.) and as far as i can remenber, a note can store 25 (or 50?) MB of anything.

i've learned from the support, that i cannot store a BIG textfile into a single note, becaue internally, a note has all the formatting and all other kind of things (which i don't care about as an end-user) stored, which limit the size of Text a user can enter/paste into a single note.

so that leads me to this question:

is there a way to save Text into a PLAIN Text-Note without all this "formatting" stuff?

i just need searchable and indexed text in this case. i don't care about formatting or something like that.

but i guess, every note has the same technical background, so there is NO WAY to save more than i.e. 5 MB of text into a single not, which forces me to split a lot of textfiles into single notes...

or is there maybe any way?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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