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ios Neat journaling app that syncs with Evernote

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WonderfulDays is the app store's app of the week, this week. Based on the description & reviews, I spent three of my hard earned dollars on it and it seems pretty neat. PLUS, it syncs with EVERNOTE!!! I've tested it and yes, you can add a diary entry in the app & it syncs to your EN account. I then went to that note in my Windows desktop & added a line of text & sync'd the Windows client. Then I sync'd the WD on the iPhone & the change showed up in the app on the phone!

One thing to note, the app creates & syncs the notes to a notebook named (appropriately enough), "WonderfulDays". I wouldn't think that should be problematic for anyone. Also, not all features of the app convert to EN, such as the themes. But text, images, location, created/updated dates seem to

Also, it creates it's own tags for EN. IE, if you assign five stars to the note in WD & sync to EN, you'll see in EN that one of the tags will be "5 star". If you use the mood/weather option in the app, in EN the tags assigned to the note will be (for example), sunny, surprised, love, happy, rainbow, etc.

I've no affiliation with the developers of this app. But it does seem to be a nifty journaling app that works well with EN.

Says it works on iPhone, iPod & iPad. I know there are other, similar apps. But of the ones I've tried that sync with EN, this one seems to be the niftiest, IMO.

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Hey B&F - long time no see. Have been busy and away from the forums for a while. Thanks for the app tip - will give it a try. I had used Quickever and Egretlist, but never stuck with them - for various reasons.

Now, I've got 2 for you. Phatpad has 2 apps that sync w/ EN - Witepad and Phatpad. In addition to synching w/ EN, they also FINALLY give me what I had 5 years ago on my old Ipaq. They recognize handwriting.

Link to the IOS apps at Phatpad:

http://www.phatware.com/index.php?q=pag ... cts/iphone

A bit more expensive ($5 each - if I recall), but hopefully the beginning of a new trend in functionality on IOS devices. Also, I see you're a Iphone user. So am I, but I've only been using the two apps I mentioned above on my Ipad. In fact, I even went as far as to buy a stylus, and it was well worth the $10 investment. Would hate to make a recommendation that was a poor Iphone choice because of its smaller screen size.

My only regret with many of the best IOS apps is that they have to be run as stand-alone apps, rather than where they are most needed. For example, the writepad app would be extremely useful if I could access it directly from the mail app, for new messages or replies. The way it works now is that you have to load the App on its own, then write your message, then use the built-in send function to email. My ancient Ipaq had all this built into the system and available everywhere. Even with this limitation though, its still very good for note-taking and other uses.

Nice to see you again,


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@ BurgersNFries

I agree with you..WD is a very nice app.............But for some reason it doesn't sync with evernote :(

I entered the password and username on the settings page and nothing happens. Do you have a clue what it might be?

Hope you can help me out here, it is no a lifesaving issue but it would be nice if it works ;)

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Sorry, works perfectly for me. Not sure if it matters, but I do have a premium account. Also, if you're behind a corp proxy, you might have issues. try again at home and see if your own gear allows more.

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The pictures I take with my Touch and iPad are rotated when I sync Wonderful Days with Evernote. With the auto rotate option clicked in WD all my vertical pixs were horizontal, same when it was not except that my horizontal pics ended upside down. :) Can anyone help please!

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