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(Archived) Feature Request: note sequence arranged by user

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I am slowly transitioning to Evernote from Google Notebook. Overall I like the speed, the mobile support, and the vast range of notes I can save. The one thing I miss most from Google Notebook is the ability to change the sequence of how the notes are displayed. I know that on Evernote I can change from alphabetical to date created, but this is done globally and not in a notebook-specific way. I miss Google Notebook's ability to drag notes from one location to another or to slightly modify the sequence.

There are some notebooks I have that I wish to sort alphabetically, but others I wish to sort by date modified. There are others, like notes for creative projects, that I wish to sort by order of importance, where certain key elements should stay near the top, regardless of when they are modified.

Changing the sequencing option each time I access certain notebooks is a little clunky, and I have to add text to certain notes to maintain the sequence I wish.

I would become a paid member if this feature were added at a reasonable price. Thanks for your consideration.

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I think that you're asking for two separate things: one is the ability to arbitrarily order note lists, and the other is to set default sorting on a notebook-by-notebook basis. Both get asked for every so often (you can search the forums for prior discussion). I haven't seen any signs that either of these are under consideration by the Evernote folks, but they don't always discuss what they're going to roll out, though they certainly do sometimes indicate that they're interested in implementing some particular ideas.

If they're gong to add either of them, they it's unlikely that they'd make it available for more money. They seem to want to keep their pricing levels as they are now: freemium and premium.

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