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(Archived) "Remember me" on iPhone version does not remember me

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When logging into Evernote on the iPhone, I always select "Remember me." This never seems to last for more than a couple hours. Also, if I leave the site open on the phone and my login terminates, the site does not degrade gracefully. Tapping on a note does nothing. I assume that's because the browser is not receiving the data that it expects.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior?

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Do you use a jailbroken iPhone? There were some problems with jailbroken iPhone not remembering cookies at all due to incorrect permissions set on the folder the cookies are stored. If this is your case, google for a solution.

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I'm seeing the same issue... I need to login each visit despite requesting each time to be remembered. I'm using a stock iPod Touch (firmware 1.14) and don't have any problems with cookies on other sites.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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