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(Archived) ✔ REQUEST: Categorize the mobile section of the Trunk

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It would be very helpful if you broke the "Mobile" section of the trunk down by the specific OS compatibility or at least label which apps work with which OS on the main Mobile screen. It is extremely frustrating to navigate that page looking for something I can use on Android only to click on an app and find out that it's only available for iPhone. Adding to the frustration is the fact that when I hit the back button it brings me back to "New & Notable" not Mobile.

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Sorry, but Evernote neither tells users when a change or feature is coming nor does what users want just because they ask. There are features that users have been requesting for years that still aren't here. While you're not talking about the application itself, the change you want requires work by Evernote that they've probably prioritized above some things and under other things—maybe lots of things.

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