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(Archived) sync problem in Mac OS Leopard 10.5.8 since Aug. 2nd



Hi, everyone.

I have been not able to sync any of my new notes in my local disks by the software for MAC to Evernote server since August 2nd. :D

And it is strange that I can only find 119 notes shown in the evernote notebooks when I log into my account by safari, actually the number of my old notes were 2828!!!

I am wondering where have all the old notes gone?!!

Can anyone please tell me what is wrong with my account or my evernote software? Do you have the same sync problem?

here below is the records:

Version: Evernote Mac 2.2.3 (158341)

Locale: zh-Hans-CN

OS: 10.5.8

WebKit: 534.50.2

WebCore: 534.50.1

Username: XXX

Mac Model: MacBook5,1

CPU Type: Intel

CPU Count: 2

CPU Speed: 2.400000 GHz

RAM: 2.000000 GB

Resident: 138.0 MB

Virtual: 612.5 MB

2011-08-03 22:47:02 0x20c681e0 [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Syncing notes and resources...

2011-08-03 22:48:27 0x15849860 [ENAppController] ERROR: EXCEPTION: EDAMNotFoundException(identifier:"Resource.guid",key:"271a27d6-161d-4ba4-b25d-49bf5a8ba0c6")

2011-08-03 22:48:27 0x15849860 [ENAppController] ERROR: 0x6da19a 0x934d5e3b 0x6bba7 0x1ac74e 0x924617e4 0x924614d2 0x96f6431f 0x96f641d2

2011-08-03 22:48:27 0x15849860 [ENSyncBatchDownloadOperation] INFO: Exception during batch download: EDAMNotFoundException(identifier:"Resource.guid",key:"271a27d6-161d-4ba4-b25d-49bf5a8ba0c6")

2011-08-03 22:48:27 0x20c681e0 [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sync complete.

P.S. My system is Mac OS Leopard 10.5.8. and my internet connection is ok.

Thanks for your attention!

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I have been using an Evernote Account Switcher to manager my two evernote accounts.

It blended my two accounts into one on Aug. 2nd and then the sync problem turned out.

does anyone use the switcher and have similar problems? :?

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