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(Archived) Feature request: "add-only" notebook sharing

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I'm heading up a new collaborative project at work, and experimenting with using a shared Evernote notebook as a central repository for pdf documents that my entire workgroup needs to access. Every member of the workgroup will be adding documents to the shared collection, but I need to maintain overall control over the document set, and I don't want team members to inadvertently edit or delete other peoples' documents. So what I need is a shared notebook, where the people I share with have "add-only" access. This seems like it would be useful for a variety of scenarios, but is apparently something Evernote can't do at this point.

Any other work-around suggestions would be welcomed. I know that I could have each team member set up their own shared EN notebook for the project, but that really seems unnecessarily cumbersome ... and since most of them are EN newbies, I want to make this as straightforward for them as possible.

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Not sure on numbers of users or how often these doc's would need to be changed but how about two notebooks—one where users can edit and create notes and when approved/finished you could move to read only shared notebook?

Other option is to have an additional Evernote user who shares the note book. Everyone has this login detail so to edit their notes they login as that master user which has edit rights. Not really ideal but makes it a deliberate step to edit the notes and vs while just reading.

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There are going to be about a half-dozen people involved, all in all. Looking at it more, I think I'd need to maintain the central Evernote shared account, and also have each user give me access to a shared EN account of their own ... and that may not be the most efficient solution, so I'm going to look beyond Evernote.

Hopefully EN will beef up it's sharing capabilities at some point.

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