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(Archived) Evernote vs Things for Apple

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I'm not a developer just a user of Evernote (Windows, Mac, iPAD) and Things (Mac, iPAD). I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I'm looking for a feature that perhaps one of developed that is in Things but not in Evernote. In Things you can "star" an item and it will appear on your "Things To Do" list for the day. For example, I have a project "Setup Math Lab" within that project are listed three action items, "request key for lab", "deliver cpus to lab", and "request network drops". In Things I can click a star next to "deliver cpus to lab" and it will appear on my "Things To Do" list for today. I can print out the list and complete the actions items instead of looking through each individual project. I can check "Complete in the "Things To Do" list and it marks it complete in the "Setup Math Lab" project. In Evernote, I create individual Notebooks for each project and one Notebook for Things To Do. I then go through each Notebook and copy and paste the action items into the Things To Do notebook. I then have to return to the individual Notebooks to check the action items as completed. This version is included in the App for Things for the iPAD. I paid for the full version of Things for the MacBook. I'd pay for this feature in Evernote if it were available for I like the Evernote App for the iPAD, Mac, and Windows. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any information.

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I have a project "Setup Math Lab"

First read through, I thought you were setting up criminal enterprise. . . :lol:

What you're describing is a "Tickler" system--this is difficult currently as EN does not have a "Start Date" field--yet. It is promised in the future (there is no public timetable other than "soon". This will allow third parties to create apps that let you "tickle" notes for certain days.

There are various workarounds posted on this forum. Search "tickler" and "start date" and the like.

I've tried using tags for ticklers but found it cumbersome. So, what I do (for now) (windows client) is:

1. "Copy Note Link" for the note I want to see on a given day

2. Go to that day on gCal, create an all-day event, paste the EN note link in the description. I've set up a Tickler calendar (green) just for this purpose.

3. Each day, I click on the task, open to edit, and then copy the EN link and paste that into a new (chrome) browser window and the note on the windows client opens.

The Developer competition EN has ongoing has a finalist with a to-be-released app, Zendone, that integrates EN and gCal. Watch their video on the EN blog or at http://zendone.com; it looks promising.

I hope this helps; I'm sure you'll hear from some others but a search will show you some other ideas.


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