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(Archived) Outliner for EN

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Is there an outliner in Trunk for ES? It should have/be:

1. A collapsible tree

2. Collapsible sub-branches

3. At least 4 levels of branches

4. Able to move all or part of a branch to different branch on the tree

4. Can be used on desktop, smart phone, pads, and mac/pc/unix compatible

5. Good swipe/touch gestures UX selection

If there isn't one, does anyone know of anything that would work? I've checked Google, Word, Pages, Wunderlist, Flowy, Flow, Springpad, Circuspony..... and none of them cover these criteria

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Gotasks is a free app independently created to sync Google Tasks to iphone (and???) .... see demos under "gotasks" in youtube. I'm not CRAZY about Google Tasks, but it DOES meet all my criteria AND I can use it in my iPhone. So that's what I'm goining to go with for now....

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