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(Archived) Deleting Conflicting Changes Notebook



I've read some discussion about conflicting changes and why it appears, but I wonder if there is a way to remove it from my list of Notebooks in Evernote for Mac. I've deleted the one note that was in there but when I tried to delete the notebook I received the dialogue asking if I really wanted to, I said yes - and nothing happened.

Restarted - empty Conflicting Changes notebook is still there.

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If you can't delete the "Conflicting Changes" notebook, that sounds like there may be a problem on your system.

Could you run the Mac "Console" application and send the last dozen lines after you try this operation? There should be some information there about the source of the problem.

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I have this same problem - I cannot delete empty "Conflicting Changes" notebooks. And they are mounting up!

I have this from my console log. Hope it will help.

20/09/2011 11:04:25.138 Evernote: NSExceptionHandler has recorded the following exception:

TTransportException -- Could not make HTTP request

Stack trace: 0x74312d 0x9a7df149 0x10995f 0x711f4 0x70ef3 0x1b9ac4 0x1d0849 0x9479b5ed 0x9479b59d 0x96763ed9 0x967676de

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