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(Archived) What Happens When you Reach the 1GB limit

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I am looking at Purchasing the Premium Membership, but what happens when you reach the 1 gb limit? Can you purchase more for that month? I don’t think it will be an issue for most months, but I could see once a twice a year where it becomes an issue.

Thanks for the help!


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I'm not sure exactly what happens, since I've never experienced it. I'm thinking you can only add notes to a local (non-sync'd) notebook. Plus, any emails/web clippings (IE Chrome) sent to your EN account would be rejected. IDK if they are queued for later or simply bounced.

No, you cannot purchase additional upload amounts.

(I wish it were possible, but it's not.)

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I'll second BnF - despite really, really trying over several months I've not yet managed to blow my total usage budget although it's been close a couple of times. It's trivial to manage around the limit however by assigning non-urgent items to a local notebook. Toward the end of your usage period in any month when you do not use it all, move some/ all of the local notebook items into a synced notebook to take up any slack.

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The past several months, I would easily be able to exceed my upload limit. However, I watch the meter closely & try to leave at least 1 gb available on my last day. I don't want to squeeze every last byte out of my upload limit b/c I have some emails auto forwarded to my EN account & don't want them to get bounced.

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However, I watch the meter closely & try to leave at least 1 gb available on my last day.

You'd have to be very, very frugal to achieve that ;)


YES! BIG TYPO!!! I try to leave 100 mb available, is what I meant to say. Turns out my account renewed today. I checked it on my iPhone & wanted to rush home & squeeze in the last few mbs before it renewed. (I had ~80 left.) BUT...I missed the mark. So I moved many things over & already (not even the end of day 1) and I'm at 42%. Guess I'm going to have to be very frugal for the next 29 days...!!!

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Someone needs to go on an Evernote diet! :lol:

:lol: Indeed!

No wonder your exb file is so big. You are growing at about 1GB per month.

Yup. I've been going "as paperless as possible" for four years now. Combining all the new notes I'm making due to the recent events in my life (buying/updating a house & selling another house & my mom's recent health issues) with trying to add in many of the docs I'd created prior to using EN & there you go.

Supersize me!

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I'm using 300 dpi/color for PDFs using a Xerox Documate 510 and 400 dpi/color on a Canon P150 scanner. I prefer to use color b/c I want the scan to look just like the original. The Xerox default value for color PDFs was 300 & the docs look good when viewed at 100% and if you have to reprint, for any reason. The Canon defaulted to 200 which was just awful. IIRC, when I set the Canon to 300, the docs still didn't look as good as I'd like. I don't know why b/c I thought 300 dpi on any scanner would be the same. Maybe not? Anyway, so that's why I do 400 on the Canon.

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Another reason I use up so much of the upload limit is that I also put audio & video files (that fall under the note size limit) in EN. I use Livescribe for doctor's appointments. Then I usually edit it down to the nitty gritty, omitting the parts where you wait for 20 minutes in the waiting room & 40 minutes in the treatment room. Then I can easily refer to the meaningful part of the appointment, should I need to refresh my memory.

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