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(Archived) Evernote needs a drawing tool

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I use evernote as a writer for fiction. The notebooks is a great way to store all of the ideas for my writing, and the sharing allows fr my writing partner and I to easily swap ideas and have discussions from anytime or anywhere, since i can utilize this app on my iPhone and iPad. However, I could really utilize evernote more if i was able to draw lines and basic shapes onto my page. Googledocs has something like this, where the functions you may find in microsoft word or powerpoint are part of there document making system. I feel that if this type of tool was added to the note creating system, students and business people would really appreciate the increased versatility. Just something to look into, especially if you offer a premium package that must be payed for, I would definitely pay if drawing tools were integrated into the system.

Basically, please add a drawing tool.


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Maybe I'm missing something here, but the Windows client version has the "ink" note facility, which lets you draw stuff (sort of), and with the various portable versions you usually have a camera with which you can take pics of proper drawings on walls, knapkins and paper. While there are rather a lot of paint apps out there I wouldn't want to try to attempt a sketch of anything on your typical mobile screen (thick finger syndrome) so I think the camera route is the more practical one. However a paint app that saves to JPG (forinstance) could also get uploaded to Evernote.

It's been mentioned here rather often that Evernote are in the business of remembering things for you wholesale, and are rather good at it. They aren't interested in reinventing cut-down copies of wheels, word processors or photo-editors; they leave add-ons to the guys in the Trunk, and software to the 4 bazillion established products out there.

Given that there are so many good reasons for using Evernote I wouldn't see the lack of a Windows (or anyone else's) Paint clone as a deal-breaker.

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