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(Archived) web clipper, note attributes, and synchronizing ?

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What happens to the note attributes for notes added to the online version - Evernote for Web (through the javasript bookmarklet) - when those are sync'ed with the version on my computer (Evernote for Windows)? I'm trying to find the original URL for things I clipped, and while a link to the original URL is showing up for things I clipped with the Web Clipper directly to the version on my computer (via the button with the elephant, or by right clicking, as distinct from the "clip to evernote" bookmarklet), I can't find a source link or URL for things I added first to Evernote for Web, using the bookmarklet. Is that source information lost, or is it there somewhere that I could view?

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This is one major feature that's a killer for me. The note attributes and the "cipped from" is really important. I don't always clip the entire article if it's very long. I just want the summary and the ability to go back and review the page at another time. Other times, there are comments on a particular article that are added after my clip so I want to go back and check on updates. Currently, the only way to do that is to leave the installed Windows application and go online to the individual notes where you can view the attributes.

It's really odd that the attributes would be displayed online but not in the local client. I hope this gets updated soon.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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