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(Archived) Can't sync snapshots with database


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I need help with the following problem: Every time I try to sync a note containing a photo, I get an error message ("Note upload failed") and the photo does not upload. I have an HTC Tattoo with Android 1.6, Evernote version 3.0.1, public account. The upload limit is definitely not an issue since I have more then 30 Mb left. The "Wi-fi sync only" in the app settings is set to 'off'. I tried clearing the cache and logging out of the app to delete the pending notes - no effect. The problem occurs when I take a snapshot from the app's main menu and try to upload it, as well as when I choose a picture from the phone album and click Share -> Evernote. The photos from Evernote on my desktop sync to the mobile without any problems.

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