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(Archived) Mac - Clipper Not Working



The web clipper can only grab a screen shot; up until about five days ago, it could clip an entire page, not just a screen shot. I am not using the new operating system. Also, the trunck icon now appears at the top of my screen, parallel to the apple. It used to appear below the address bar. Does anyone know what happened or how I might fix it? Thanks.

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The problem is that a new version of Safari (5.1) came out the same day that Lion was released. Part of the changes to Safari was that one of the two kinds of formerly acceptable types of plugins, Webkit plugins, are no longer supported. The Evernote plugin was one of these Webkit-style plugins, so it can no longer be installed. Evernote sent an email message to (premium?) users a few days ago apologizing for not having a new one ready and stated that they're working on a Safari Extension for Evernote, which should be ready relatively soon.

The elephant head icon that you're seeing up above on the Mac's task bar is also useful for clipping things, but not as good as the old webclipper was. In the meantime here are several solutions until that is ready : 1.) you could do the somewhat tricky reinstallation of the older Safari, 2.) you could use another browser (Chrome and its Evernote plugin work very well), 3.) you can use the Evernote bookmarklet (basically a script contained in a bookmark that you add to your Safari bookmark bar), which is not quite as good as the old plugin, or 4.) you can go without clipping stuff from the web. That's where we're at right now with the webclipping thing and Evernote.

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