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(Archived) On-line Job application

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Neither at the moment. I'm trying to think out the tools I might use. I'm going to test an on-line Adobe form that 'hopefully, gets emailed to me. On receipt I thought of Evernote as a place to keep them organized.

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OK - I wondered whether you were seeking jobs or offering them, mainly because of the different volumes and the likely different outputs you'd want; but I gather from the reply that you're receiving applications from a web form, so obviously you're coming from the offering end of the scale.

I don't know what local regulations you have about storing other parties' personal data on electronic systems, but I'd suggest that might be your first concern - it would be theoretically possible to have the email output from your online Adobe form sent directly into Evernote if you wanted to, but the limitations are -

1) your monthly overall usage - how big are the outputs and how many forms will you get? and

2) access - Evernote is great for one person to manage data from multiple locations, and to share some specifics with others; but it's not a collaboration site.

You could also add these emails to Evernote from your local inbox.

I can see how you could tag each application with specifics about each applicant, the client you're working for and the position they apply for, and you could share a notebook with your client to let them see some or all of the applications you receive. If you do interviews you could add pictures, sound recordings and other notes.

I would imagine though that there are lots of other factors you need to cover - response rates and times, due dates, fee payments and so on. You could keep a spreadsheet to deal with this (in Evernote Premium) and generally keep things up to date; but again this is a personal level solution, not one you can easily share. And it's not scalable - if you get to the stage of wanting to have more than one person keeping this stuff up to date you'll have to look for another solution. The only upside being that your data will be preserved and should be convertible across to your new software.

Hope that helps...

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