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(Archived) Feature Request - Please have shared notebooks show stacks!

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I thought I requested this once before but I can't find it so here goes. Shared notebooks don't show stacks to the people they are being shared with. This means they are all but useless for those of us who want to share notebooks that use lots of stacks because the person you share them with can't see the context of the stack they belong too. For example I'd like to share a notebook with employees that would be something like:


- Notebook 1

- Notebook 2

- Notebook 3


- Notebook 4

- Notebook 5

If I share the above notebooks the people I share them with cannot see that 1, 2 & 3 belong to "Processes" and 4 & 5 belong to "FAQ's". Needless to say that context is vital.

Before someone tells me that there are situations you might not want people to be able to see the stack :), one, the stack is only a title and doesn't contain info so it is pretty harmless, two, to address that issue we could be given an option for whether the people we share with should be able to see the top stack.


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First off - that is a good suggestion. The current flat notebook system can be confusing.

But I have not seen any hints that Evernote is working on a solution.

Renaming notebooks is easy, so until a fix is released, you might want to consider stacks and notebooks like this:

  • Processes
    • Proc-Ntbk-1


  • FAQ-Ntbk-4

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