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(Archived) Chrome clipper should retain user input if clip is rejected


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This is a cross between a feature request and a borderline error. Currently with the Chrome Evernote extension if your clip attempt can not be executed you get a warning message and you are sent back to the web page. For example, this happens frequently when dealing with pages that use iframes and you try to clip the "full article". You get can get an error message telling you the clipper can not clip the page and are told to select the desired text you want to clip. Unfortunately, when you do make that selection and press the Evernote button to try clipping again, the dialog box is empty. All the tags you entered and the comments you added are gone and you have to re-enter them. Obviously this is not a huge problem, but it would definitely be a nice "enhancement" if the dialog displayed your last clip input. That could even be a good general feature between clips, especially if you're like me and find yourself re-entering the same 4 or 5 tags multiple times when clipping several documents in a row during a clip session, a phenomenon that occurs frequently when you are examining multiple documents from a common web search. If you're worried that some users might not like this behavior then it could be one of the Evernote configuration options.

-- roschler

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