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(Archived) Exceeding email limit (non premium) results in lost data

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Yesterday, I emailed myself (to my Evernote account address) several clippings from an RSS Feed, cleared out the RSS queue and went to bed. Today, I checked my email and discovered with some horror that I'd exceeded the non-premium account limit on emails allowed per day.

I'm fine with the fact there was a limit. It was my decision not to pay for a premium account at the time. I'm also fine, in hindsight, with the fact that the only way Evernote could warn me about the limit was via email. If I'm using my RSS client at the time, there's really no other way Evernote could tell me that I was approacing the limit.

What I'm extremely unhappy with is... the information captured in those inbound emails is lost. And because I was quoting material from my RSS Feeds, the info is gone from the Feeds as well. This is a sample response from Evernote:

Evernote was unable to submit your note for the following reason:

The storage limit for this account has been reached.

[Cannot email more than 50 notes to Evernote account per day]

Original message information:

From: David Hodnett

Delivered to: hodnettd.XXXXX@m.evernote.com

All recipients: David Hodnett ;

Subject: How to install Lion over Leopard

Sent: Mon Jul 25 22:38:12 PDT 2011

To prevent excessive emails, you may not receive another error reply

for the next 360 minutes.

While this didn't happen to me per se, I could imagine going on a trip to Rome, being inspired by the architecture, emailing my Evernote account 127 notes and photos, and discovering that due to the limit, only the first 50 were saved.

Please change it so that if we exceed the limit, you at least try to forward us the content of those extraneous emails, especially if they're all text.

Presumably, I would send myself 87 emails, discover that 50 were saved, 37 were forwarded back to me, and I would have the option of resubmitting those 37 emails the next day. (And I'm also warned that those 37 would count towards that day's cap, hence I should upgrade.)

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This just happened to me ...

AND ... I am only at 28% of my quota ....

But I have lost lots of data and work this morning because it turns out the evernote has (seemlingly) mistakenly been ignoring clips I have been sending to it via connected apps (instapaper) or Email... after sharing 40 items via instapaper (on ipad) - I discovered they never got to evernote! (they are deleted from instapaper) .... When I send from my Chrome evernote clipper - they show up in evernote ... then I tested by sending a note to evernote via email ... when I got that exact message (in the above post). UGH. I checked my usage ... I am at 28% for "this period: ...

what gives? I just started using evernote a lot recently (after years of having it just sit there, barely used). Now I am afraid to do anything of importance with it.

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