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(Archived) Lost notes in evernote desktop (Mac)



Hello newbie here,

Currently playing around with my account and testing suitability for roll out cross my entire workplace.

I have two accounts (both free before committing to usage) - one that is an admin account and one personal, as I need to play with and understand notebook sharing capabilities.

Within the admin account I have a notebook which I have shared successfully with my personal account, however I then wanted to see what content the recipient of the shared notebook would be able to see within the Evernote desktop. I did this by logging out of the admin account on my Evernote desktop and then logging into my personal account.

The following warning was shown and I chose to Synch anyway


Any ideas as to how I can restore the notes to the my admin Evernote desktop would be massively appreciated


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Evernote on the mac really doesn't like you having multiple accounts - see this thread for more info: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=8108

It's difficult to tell from your second screenshot which account is logged in on the OS X client - if it is your 'personal' account then click on the Shared button and you should be able to see your notes.

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Thanks for your reply - in the second screen shot both the desktop and the web are logged into the same admin account.

As you can see the notes in the 'brand benchmark' notebook show up in the in Evernote web, but the same Evernote Desktop notebook reads as being empty.

I'd really like to get the notebook back in synch?


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Yup, not in there.

I've also downloaded the iPhone app and all notes are displayed within the app - none are missing.

I could easily re-add the notes, but am loathe to do so as they clearly still exist.

Also not sure I want to commit to a purchase or recommend Evernote to my workplace when I know there are issues - is there an official help line/email I can contact?

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Yup, you should open a ticket - details are in my sig below.

I don't think that this is a problem with Evernote - more that you were using it in an unsupported way. I'm sure they will help you out anyway.

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