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(Archived) Feature Request: Notification prior to Auto Renewal

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Hi guys,

It would be great if you sent out an email a week or two before auto-renewal. I was just auto-renewed without realizing it and would have liked to change my billing information.



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I guess this never got implemented. The first that I knew about my renewal being due was when I got an email saying that my credit card authorisation had failed (because I'd had a new card issued since I last renewed).


This is a pretty simple request. Every company that I've ever used to register a domain name with always sends email before the renewal date to warn the user that a domain is about to expire and give the option to log on immediately to do the renewal then and there to make sure it's OK.


I know it's a tiny amount but there is a time value to money so implementing this feature would mean that anyone who renewed their subscription 30 days in advance would be improving Evernote's cash flow ever so slightly as well as it stopping irritating experiences like the one I just had.


My premium membership lapsed because of the credit card failure so when I got to address the issue I had to do it as a new order and got the expected email confirmations. If the auto-renewal had worked then would I have got an email to tell me that my credit card had been billed for the renewal or would it have all been done silently?


- Julian

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