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(Archived) Oh dear - the new Lion version is anaemic



Oh ***** - this whole Lion debacle is a real mess. I upgraded to Lion, and immediately found several apps that are incompatible, including various Mail addons, Hyperspaces, and a LOT of the stuff I had installed under VMWare Fusion.

However, Evernote worked beautifully - well done team.

BUT - now, i've just updated to the latest Evernote as per the pop-up I got, and - oh no... it's gone all horrible and anaemic! It's all grey (yes, I know Lion is also grey)

What IS it with all this grey - after I have progressed from monochrome monitors back in the 70s to the latest 27" iMac with fantastic colours - now it all goes back to GREY...! Where is the character - the famous GREEN bits that immediately identified Evernote from any other windows sitting there? On the entire window, the only tiny little bit of green is the "All Notes" button on the toolbar. Not even the "New Note" button.

Surely, this is being WAY too slavish in copying Apple? Why do it? It's not a demand from Apple is it? Evernote has lost all of its character and individuality. It is a grey blob among other grey blobs.

PLEASE - BRING BACK THE GREEN.... put some colour back into Evernote.

And while you're at it - that silly little pie-chart of usage needs magnifying loupes to see what the heck is going on - please revert to the bar graph with a percentage. Much more useful - and "useful" is what Evernote has always been about.

Also - the direct "Email" button (complete with its little bit of yellow) has gone - and we now have the bland, extra-click "Share" button.

I hate it...! Evernote is caving in to Apple - stand up for your individuality, your character. Bring back the colour, the one-shot email button, the usage bar graph - everything that made Evernote for Mac stand out. Now it just merges into all the other dull, bland, featureless UIs. It is awful...!

End of rant.

Well almost - I HATE IT...!

Now - the real end of rant :)

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Ahhh - yes. Very good point. :)

In that case, Evernote team, please take my comments above as constructive feedback on the v3.0.0 beta for Lion.

- bring back COLOUR - the more the merrier. Give it class. Make it stand out from all the other 'orrible Lion grey featureless icons etc.

- change the pie chart back to a bar graph, and add a percentage usage if possible

- bring back the direct Email button - complete with that lovely distinctive little splash of yellow. One click to email.

Unless Apple have decreed that all apps should look the same and boring, then please go back to using colours and styles of your own.

Thanks for noting the feedback on the beta version :)

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Yes, tasteful use of color isn't just attractive, it can improve usability. But we wouldn't want to go all the way to the "angry fruit salad" (one of my favorite computer terms!) that's characteristic of a lot of Windows apps.

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perhaps you need an option to have colours or not. I much prefer the lack of colour in my toolbars and sidebars, as it keeps the focus on the content. Apps that don't fit in with the rest of my apps and OS always feel like 2nd class citizens to me.

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