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(Archived) EverNote Conference

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Well, I signed up for the big conference next month in The City (I know, I'm going to be in way over my head – but I've become a true believer and must seek greater wisdom from the leaders of our cult).

Anyway, when I got my confirmation via email I was ordered to PRINT OUT a copy of my "admission ticket" to be surrendered at the gate.

Now, maybe I'm missing something, but I thought one of the main ideas behind EverNote was getting rid of paper documents. I have already (of course) placed a PDF containing the aforementioned ticket into its proper notebook. I can retrieve it anytime and from any of my devices or any internet connection. Since one of those devices is an iPhone, I could easily call up and display the ducat at the point of entry. But NO... I'm going to have to produce and then remember to transport and deliver a piece of Con Sarned PAPER in order to draw near to Phil and his minions.

Of course I'm still going to attend the conference. But I may have to first buy some paper and ink for my printer – a device I haven't used for a while and didn't anticipate EVER needed in the context of the company and product that has captured my heart.

My affection is undiminished; but I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight...

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First off, glad to hear you're attending. We are really looking forward to a great conference. This is Ron from the Marketing Team. Let me double check if i can change the way the directions are worded on the Eventbrite page, that is the standard email sent out. Also people still prefer printing in many scenarios. We of course will be accepting a digital copy stored in Evernote and encourage you to

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As a man of principle, I'm always pleased when others stick by theirs.

Way to go (as usual; and as expected) for "We of course will be accepting a digital copy stored in Evernote."

I'm looking forward to the conference, though the developer-related content will be completely lost on me. I'm mostly interested in rubbing shoulders with like-minded appreciators of a good idea.

Keep up the good work.

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