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(Archived) Feature request - change created date


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OK I know there's lots of discussion elsewhere about due dates, but I'm using the created date set to a future date to keep some notes sorted to the top of my list to be in my face on a daily basis.

Adding a new note with a future date is not a problem in the desktop client, but I can't see how to do the same thing in the Android client. I can see the created and the updated dates, but there's no way (that I can see) to edit them. If we're not going to get any other options in the near future, please could some one look at adding these to the Android client's functionality? (and anywhere else that might be appropriate..)


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There are several solutions to any problem and changing the created date appears to me more like a work-around than a sustainable solution.

I understand why you are using that, and we'll evaluate what we can do.

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