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(Archived) Feature Requests

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I've been using EN for a while now and love it - I'm a registered user. But there are three things that keep biting me and would be useful features (I think) in the product.

  • [*:yrgj0s1a]I would love to see the All Notes (Is it a notebook, or a saved search, not sure) be customizable. I have some personal stuff and work stuff in my database and if I am looking for information in my database I really don't want to show my personal notes to anyone I'm working with. I want to be able to exclude the personal stack from All Notes. I know that I can do this by just searching the Business stack, but do not always remember perfectly.
    [*:yrgj0s1a]I would also like to be able to reorder the left sidebar so that saved searches can be placed above tags. I use saved searches more frequently and if I want to access them, I need to close the tags list. It would be more effective to allow the user to sequence the left sidebar more to their style of work - I'd have saved searches above the Notebooks.
    [*:yrgj0s1a]The third would be huge for me and perhaps solve the first problem. But I would love to be able to open a second notes database. In this scenario, I could easily keep my personal and work notebooks separate. In addition, it would make archiving notes a relatively easy thing to do as we could simply export them to the other database. I realize this might add some complexity to the web client, but it would greatly assist users who want a division of information. It would also allow users to have one notebook always sync to EN and another that they keep locally.

Thanks for a great product.

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