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(Archived) Tip: Ways to clip web content without Safari Clipper



If your a Mac user, there's a good chance you've upgraded to Mac OS X Lion. Upon upgraded to Lion, you've also probably noticed that the Evernote Safari Clipper is gone due to Apple changing the way extensions are made for Safari. As Evernote works hard on sending out a new clipper, I thought I would share some tips on how you can get web content into Evernote without the clipper.

Clipping selected content:

Simply select the area you want to clip, then copy using command + C. Go to the Mac menu bar, select the Evernote elephant logo, and "Paste to new note" (control+command+V).

Clipping an entire page:

In Safari, go to "File" in the Mac menu bar, and scroll down to "Mail Contents of This Page" (command+I). In the mail message, simply send to your Evernote email address.

Clipping an entire page as a PDF:

Right Click on page you want to clip, and select "Print Page..." In the drop-down menu, click the "PDF" tab, and select "Save as PDF..." Then drag newly created PDF on top of the Evernote icon in the dock.

You might have already known you could do all this, but in case you didn't, I thought I'd try and help out.

God Bless


Apparently I don't read my email very well:

"In the meantime, you can continue to clip all of your favorite web content in Safari using our bookmarklet. Get it here (http://lists.evernote.com/link.php?M=21 ... 2&L=83&F=H), and then just drag the bookmarklet to your Safari link bar."

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